An evaluation of Web Hosting Giants

We, at, have chosen 'Web Hosting Giants' to be our present domain name and web hosting distributor. Hence we consider that this succinct assessment of 'Web Hosting Giants' is perchance going to be quite useful for other individuals from all around the Globe who need domain name and web hosting services. We state people from all over the World, because the simple fact is that 'Web Hosting Giants' currently offers domain and hosting services in numerous server farm locations: in the USA (Chicago, IL), in Great Britain (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Sweden (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). Thus, encompassing almost the whole planet. At least from the point of view of the World Wide Web. So, here is what you could expect from 'Web Hosting Giants' in brief:

Shared Web Page Hosting Packages

The initial detail we, at, have noted is the cheap prices of the shared website hosting services supplied by 'Web Hosting Giants'. Shared doesn't seem very good, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared web hosting. The good thing here is that the site hosting accounts supplied by 'Web Hosting Giants' are driven by a custom developed, cutting edge cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, like mail, databases, CP, storage space, DNS, stats, and so on, is being served by an independent stack of hosting servers in a cluster). This is a circumstance ANY cPanel web hosting corporation on the Globe will have huge problems with, because cPanel is a one single server based hosting environment (each web hosting service, like electronic mail, databases, CP, disk storage, DNS, stats, and so on, is being dealt with by one single web server), cPanel is not open source (hence the cPanel-based hosting firms cannot add extra functionality and manipulate it the way they need it) and there is no open source file platform (they have to invent their own file system), which is the precondition of any cloud web hosting service. Let's return to the shared web hosting packages, which are powered by an authentic cloud webspace hosting system. With a shared web page hosting plan, each customer pays solely for his/her plan, thus keeping the web space hosting price amazingly low (because plenty of customers use the same web hosting server). In a few words, a shared hosting account, which is being served by a clustered hosting system, enables you to pay solely for the resources that you actually demand, avoiding a scenario where you pay for a powerful web space hosting package that you cannot actually use, or for a low-end webspace hosting account that cannot shelter your website. The option to upgrade your account from one plan to another with just two clicks of the mouse grants you the flexibility to begin with a basic plan and upgrade as your web site expands. So, you save money that you can spend on promoting the web site while it is still novel. Each webspace hosting plan furnished by 'Web Hosting Giants' arrives with an online site building tool and over 40 widely used script software applications among them WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will save you 100s of dollars for website design solutions. 'Web Hosting Giants' offers shared web page hosting services in a number of different regions across the World. There is one data center facility in Chicago covering the United States of America and Canada; two European data centers - in Great Britain and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which covers the Asia Pacific. That way, virtually the whole World is covered to supply you and your visitors with a stable and dependable web site hosting solution at a nearby place. All in all, the shared hosting accounts supplied 'Web Hosting Giants' are quite well furnished and are available at a very low price (beginning from $3.75 for the Business package).

Dedicated Web Servers

In's opinion, large sites such as social networks, community and business portals or famous web shops with thousands of clients require a much more powerful web hosting environment. It appears that the folks from 'Web Hosting Giants' have reached the same conclusion as well. To satisfy its users' anticipations, 'Web Hosting Giants' delivers a collection of dedicated servers that can manage millions of daily visits. That evaluation stands on the hardware configurations the dedicated hosting servers come with: Dual and Quad-core processors, up to 4 gigabytes of RAM, two thousand GB of storage space and Gigabit network interface cards will undoubtedly ensure the quick and steady work of any type of site. According to 'Web Hosting Giants', the primary hardware configurations can be upgraded for more system resource-requiring web sites. We, from, consider that all dedicated server accounts offered by 'Web Hosting Giants' are also appropriate for setting up a hosting reseller business as every dedicated hosting server offers free-of-cost billing transaction software platform and a complimentary domain reseller account. Unlickily, the dedicated web servers provided by 'Web Hosting Giants' are all unmanaged. We, at, think that this is a slight minus, which can be rectified by paying a monthly tax which amounts to $32.00 USD. So, if you need backing, the Managed Services upgrade provides several extra services such as a routine backup, software installation, web hosting server surveillance and troubleshooting procedures. An assortment of site hosting Control Panel (CP) GUIs are offered with each of the servers - Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our ('s) forecast is that the remarkable drag and drop File Manager included in the Hepsia web space hosting CP will possibly render the utilization of any FTP client useless. Our ('s) inference is that the dedicated servers supplied by 'Web Hosting Giants' don't seem to be very modestly priced (yet the Hepsia CP and the unlimited hosted domain allowance will doubtlessly make you smile), beginning from $145.00 for the Xeon Scalable 8c plan.